Serial GUI tRNALab (Version January 6 2016):


Some basic features of my application tRNALab were described in J. Suchanek Foltan: tRNA genes and the genetic code. J. Theor. Biol., 253, 2008, 469–482 (Foltan is my mother's maiden family).

You can download an installation file of tRNALab, which targets Windows 7 and higher, both 64- and 32-bit versions. Some functions of this serial version of tRNALab will be blocked until the necessary databases have been precomputed on a cluster.

Parallel CLI tRNALab (Version April 18 2017): (under reconstruction)

INPUT FILES: a) settingB.txt, b) GC.txt, c) tRNA.txt, and d) tDNA.txt.

SOURCE FILES: a) tRNALab.cpp, b) Stash.h, c) Data.h, d) Data.cpp, e) Optimization.h, f) Optimization.cpp, g) stdafx.h, h) stdafx.cpp, and i) targetver.h.


COMMENTARIES (in English): a) methods, b) input_parameters, and c) outputs.

COMMENTARIES (in Slovak): a) parallelization_of_tRNALab, and b) my_dissertation.

Commentary (under reconstruction).